3 style tips to wear hosiery during Summer

Do you have a work dress code that requires you wear stockings or hosiery, even in the heat of the Aussie Summer? Just because the weather is heating up, doesn’t mean you have to as well! We’ve got some secret tips and tricks to wear hosiery at work during the warmer months.

1. Choose finer sheer styles

The best way to combat the heat in style is to choose the best hosiery options. Try to choose a really lightweight sheer like our Pretty Polly naturals range. This type of hosiery is designed to be breathable and perfect for the warmer months. ADD PRETTY POLLY NATURALS

2. Go thigh high!

Try wearing a sheer thigh high stocking during the warmer months to work. Wear with a longer length skirt or dress. The skirt or dress can cover the top of the thigh and no one will ever know you have thigh highs on underneath (we won’t tell).

Try our Genevieve thigh highs for a sexy and subtle option. http://missrubylegwear.com.au/genevieve

3. Tone and tighten during Summer with tummy toners

Do you love the comfort and confidence that tummy toners give you during Winter? We tend to hide away and suck it all in during Winter but when Summer hits, it can be a scary thing to give up your hosiery.

But, who says you have too? Try wearing our Aristoc tummy toners for a lightweight and sheer fit that will hold your stomach and thighs in without anyone knowing! (it’s our little secret)


So, rather than dreading the Summer months, embrace them with our secret style tips! Your hosiery doesn’t have to hide away for months. Summer is the time to make good use of it!