Quiz Break: What Type of Hosiery Matches Your Personality Perfectly?

hosiery quiz



Remember all those quizzes we used to pour over in the magazines as pre-teens? We knew they were kind of silly, but the idea of finding out what type of house we’d live in as adults or which Hollywood heartthrob we should marry was too tempting to ignore.

Even though we’re all grown up, we’re still partial to a quiz or two, even now they’ve moved from the pages of our favourite magazines to Facebook. So, we thought we’d try something a bit different on the Miss Ruby Legwear blog today and quiz you to find out what type of hosiery matches your personality perfectly!


Simply answer the questions below then tally up your results to reveal your inner hosiery match. Then, leave us a comment to let us know how accurately we described you!

 Let’s get started…

 Q.1) After a long week, how would we find you spending your Saturday night?

 On a date with that cute guy I’ve been texting

  1. Having dinner and drinks with some close friends
  2. Dancing the night away with my girlfriends
  3. Checking out an obscure new venue in the city
  4. Trying to get the kids in bed before I lose my mind

 Q.2) If we asked your closest friends, what would they say your best quality is?

 My charisma – I’m the fun and flirty one

  1. My intelligence – I keep everyone on their toes
  2. My easy-going nature – I keep everyone else from fighting
  3. My quirkiness – things are never dull when I’m around
  4. My reliability – you can always count on me

  Q.3) How would you describe your personal style?

 Sensual and eye-catching

  1. Sophisticated and classic
  2. Chic and modern
  3. Edgy and vintage
  4. …Whatever isn’t in the laundry


Q.4) It’s time for take-away. What’s on the menu?

 Oysters and smoked salmon

  1. Sushi and miso soup
  2. Gourmet burgers
  3. Anything from a food truck
  4. Pizza


Q.5) Which country would you most like to visit?


  1. France
  2. England
  3. USA
  4. Korea
  5. Italy


Q.6) On a bad day, you can sometimes be a little…


  1. Sarcastic
  2. Absent-minded
  3. Condescending
  4. Impatient


Q.7) It’s Valentine’s Day. Which gift most appeals to you?

 Lingerie and an expensive hotel room.

  1. Flowers and a romantic dinner.
  2. Chocolates, champagne and a movie.
  3. A ticket to a concert or a collage of photos of us.
  4. A weekend away at a quiet B&B


Q.8) You’ve got tickets to see a new movie that’s just come out. What’s the genre?


  1. Foreign
  2. Drama
  3. Romcom
  4. Arthouse
  5. Family


 Q.9) You’ve just arrived at a party. Someone hands you a glass of…

 A) Champagne

  1. B) White wine
  2. C) Cider
  3. D) Mulled wine
  4. E) Orange juice


Q.10) How you would describe your makeup style?


  1. Sultry & dramatic – smokey eyes and strong brows
  2. Sophisticated & classic – red lips and dramatic lashes
  3. Sweet & natural – a hint of blush and a little lip gloss
  4. Edgy & vibrant – classic cat eye liner with a pop of vivid colour
  5. Quick & easy – just the basics


Q.11) You get a small, unexpected bonus from work. How do you spend the money?

 A) New lingerie, perfume, makeup… something to make me feel confident.

  1. B) A nice dinner, a new dress… a little reward for my hard work.
  2. C) New clothes and a night on the town… I work hard and play hard!
  3. D) Quirky animal themed home décor… what? It’s my money!
  4. E) Household expenses and maybe something for me if there’s anything left.


Now tally up your score and see how you did!


2nd osiery quiz

Mostly A’s – Over the Knee Stockings

If you answered our quiz with mostly A’s, your hosiery perfect match is over the knee stockings. You’re known to your friends as a flirtatious individual with a bubbly personality and no shortage of charisma. Much like our Pretty Polly Mock Over the Knee pantyhose, you have no trouble turning heads and winning hearts.

Your personal style is dramatic and sensual, and you’re not afraid to admit that you’re a bit of a princess who enjoys the finer things in life.


3rd hosiery quiz

Mostly B’s – Classic Black Tights

If you answered our quiz with mostly B’s, your hosiery perfect match is a pair of classic black tights. Your friends and family know you as quick-witted individual with an easy smile and an open heart.

Like our Aristoc Opaque Black Tights, you encompass both modesty and sophistication and never have a shortage of male admirers.


Your personal style is elegant and classic. Your fashion sense is en pointe and you’re often seen rocking a bold red lip with sensual smokey eyes.


4 hosiery quiz

Mostly C’s – Natural Sheer Tights

If you answered our quiz with mostly C’s, your hosiery perfect match is a pair of natural sheer tights. Your friends think of you as the girl-next-door all grown up. You’re known for your carefree nature, down to earth sense of humour and gorgeous smile.

Like the Pretty Polly Natural Tights, you prefer a polished but natural look that lets your youthful features shine through. Your partners love your low-maintenance approach to life and ability to be one of the boys without compromising your feminine charm.

Your personal style is chic and modern. You have a good grasp of the latest fashions and will always be the one to brighten up the room.


Mostly D’s – Patterned Pantyhose

If you answered most of the questions in our quiz with “D”, your perfect hosiery match is a pair of patterned pantyhose. Your friends and family know you as a fun, thoughtful and quirky individual with a love for all things indie.

Like our Henry Holland Alpha Tights, you push the limits of fashion and embrace even the wildest new trends.  Your eccentric hobbies and off-beat sense of humour attract friends and potential partners like bees to honey.

Your personal style is edgy and vibrant. You’re not afraid to experiment with trends and colours until you achieve a look that’ll get you noticed by all the right people.

5 hosiery quiz

Mostly E’s – Control-top Pantyhose

If you answered our quiz with mostly C’s, your hosiery perfect match is control-top pantyhose. Your friends and family know you as a loving, selfless mother figure who can always be counted on in an emergency.


Like our Aristoc Bodytoner Tummy Tuck pantyhose, you always bring out the best in those around you. Your reliability and warm nature make it easy for you to make friends, even if your hectic lifestyle makes it hard to keep up with them.

Your personal style is quick and simple. You’re always on the go and have more important things to think about than your hair. Just don’t forget to take some me time. You deserve it!

Did your personality type match up with your results? Let us know in a comment below and share your results to Facebook!

Stay Stylish,

The Miss Ruby Legwear Team.