5 Fantastic Reasons to Add Faux Over the Knee Stockings to Your Winter Wardrobe

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Spring might be just around the corner, but Australia’s chilly, winter weather’s showing no sign of letting up. Piling on the layers every time we leave the house might be a pain, but there’s also a couple of things we absolutely love about our winter wardrobes, from long, elegant gloves to stylish, fitted trench coats.

If you’re anything like us, you’re also probably rocking the ankle bootie and knitwear trend. But here’s one more winter wardrobe staple that really isn’t getting the attention it deserves: mock over the knee stockings. These trendy, versatile tights are a great way to dress up any outfit while keeping your legs comfortably cosy until the glorious spring weather peaks.

What are faux over the knee stockings? They’re regular pantyhose that switch from opaque black (usually) at the knee into a transparent, skin coloured shade at the top to create the illusion of bare thighs.

Why should you swap your regular tights for a pair of faux over the knee stockings this season? Take a look…

 1) Mock over the knee stockings stay up all day long

A lot of us love the aesthetic of over the knee stockings. They’re stylish, modern and just a little bit sexy. But one of the biggest complaints most women have is that they just don’t stay up. And let’s face it – there’s no graceful way to adjust your pantyhose in public. Faux over the knee stockings, like the firming, super smooth Pretty Polly Mock Over the Knee Pantyhose, mean you can skip the garters and feel confident that your stockings will stay in place all day long.

2) Faux over knee stockings keep you cosy

Another slight disadvantage of traditional knee high stockings is the gap they create between your knees and upper thighs. While this creates the signature schoolgirl chic look we’ve going for, it also leaves us dealing with an unpleasant winter breeze or the arctic office air-con. Brrr. Faux over knee stockings replace this gap with skin-coloured fabric, so you can preserve the trendy illusion of bare legs without sacrificing comfort.

Popularised by Beyonce at the Superbowl, the Pretty Polly Over the Knee Secret Socks are our top pick for snug legs that don’t compromise on style. They deliver the perfect combination of socks and tights for fashion forward look that’ll definitely draw the eye.

3) Mock over the knee stockings flatter every figure

Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 26, you’ve probably found that some pairs of over the knee stockings just aren’t flattering. They cling tightly to the skin, creating an ‘overflow’ effect on even the most slender of legs. Investing in a good pair of faux over the knee stockings is an easy way to avoid this and possibly our favourite thing about our secret mock over the knee tights (we won’t tell if you won’t!).

Even better, most of our high quality over the knee stockings come with inbuilt firming technology to create the appearance of slimmer legs.




4) Over the knee tights are extremely versatile

Over the knee tights aren’t just for reliving your high school days anymore. From Beyoncé to Megan Fox, celebs are all over the knee high stocking trend. They’re the ideal accessory to jazz up any outfit, whether you’re hitting the shops, doing lunch or headed to a business meeting. Check out our favourite way to wear over the knee tights in our Edgy Elegance Winter Trend Report.

 5) Let’s face it… men love them!

The way you dress should be all about you. It’s important that you style yourself in a way that feels comfortable and that reflects your fab personality. However, there’s nothing wrong with catering to the man in your life from time to time! If you’re gearing up for a saucy rendezvous or romantic dinner, why not don a pair of Pretty Polly’s Over the Knee Tights? These flirty, modern tights, complete with a super cute bow tie design, hint at showing a little skin without compromising your ladylike mystique. Trust us, you’ll leave a lasting impression. Va va voom!

The bottom line is: there’s very little not to love about an accessory that’s as comfy as it is stylish! So, make the most of winter and those early, cool spring days by incorporating this sexy new trend into your wardrobe. You won’t regret it!

Stay Stylish,

The Miss Ruby Legwear Team.